Winter Holidays in the West of Ukraine: 7 Magical Places

New Year is a very special and magical holiday. For some, it is an opportunity to have a mini trip and go to the most beautiful markets in the world, while for others, it is a possibility to take a break & recharge and spend time with family at home or discover uncharted corners of the country.

We decided to help you in choosing a place for New Year celebration, and collected the most interesting ideas of places to go for the winter holidays in Ukraine. Read more

Team Building in Greece or Pharmacists Who Conquered Olympus!

Understanding of the importance of the team comes with the recognition that sometimes one person is unable to achieve anything single-handedly. It is valuable to surround yourself with people who look with you in the same direction and then much, if not all, becomes possible. That is the essence of any team building – rally the team and confirm in practice the importance of the latter.

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Azerbaijan? Why not?

Together with our partners – Marriott Hotels and JW Marriott Absheron Baku – we organized a business breakfast for our clients with the aim of presenting Azerbaijan as an ideal MICE destination.

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New in menu: big event design trends in 2018

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of business event décor, therefore, MICE-industry professionals try to diversify every season with fresh and sometimes wholly innovative ideas.

We bring to your attention five unique styles, which have already penetrated and taken root in the sphere of events in 2018. We recommend you take notice of them 😉

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7 Best Event Gadgets and Apps

‘Audience engagement’ has become a modern buzz phrase given tons of tools, which appeared not that long but has utterly changed our lives.  Now it is possible to provide the best experience for attendees and make participation easier and more sophisticated. As a bonus, such tools don’t require huge investment.

Here are 7 indispensable gadgets and apps that will bring your event to life with debate, opinion, sharing and fun.

1. Attendify


Attendify helps to build relationships at conferences and events through private event communities. Download the mobile event app to network with fellow attendees in a private, event-only community; connect one-on-one with direct messages; post photos, messages, likes and comments on the activity stream; have access to the event information and analyze the statistical data; plan your time with personalized schedules and reminder alerts.

2. Glisser


 Glisser lets share slides directly to the audience’s mobile devices. It is no longer necessary to print hangouts!

Audience members can like, comment or share those slides to their own pages on social media.

3. CamCard


CamCard is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards.

Scan, store and exchange e-cards, add notes & reminders to contact, and manage contacts from all over the world with 17 recognition languages with CamCard.

4. Crowd Mics


Crowd Mics is an app that turns the audience’s phones into wireless microphones.

The moderator can use an iPad app interface to control who speaks. Crowd Mics also has comment and polling functionality.

5. Whova


Whova is designed to facilitate networking among event attendees based on their professional profiles, which are automatically generated from professional information compiled from the internet. It can be used for the organization of corporate and social events, trade-shows & expos, conferences, performances, and workshops.

It is one of the most widely used mobile apps by professionals for networking.

6. VisMe

With VisMe you can build all sorts of custom presentations, reports and sales decks. It also allows users to edit graphs and infographics, and has a wide range of share options. VisMe also has analytics and lead tracking features.

7. Catchbox


Catchbox is not an app, but a physical microphone. Throwable wireless microphone.

When someone has a question, you can simply throw the Catchbox, engaging the participant in a fun game.




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