Detox therapy: Hutsul team building in Yaremche

Where is your place of power?

We are sure that many of you pictured yourselves mountains. It is there, in a secluded and relaxed ambiance, where you can get inspiration, release the tension, and even find a solution to many problems that seem to bear heavily on you after the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.

BTL believes that mountains are also created to encourage valuable employees of the company, “recharge” your team and yourself and define corporate goals.

Team buildings in mountains do work.

Keep reading to know how the Ukrainian company spent the weekend in the Carpathians!

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Let’s Rock This Year: 18 Must-Visit Festivals 2019

“Planning your day, week, month and year”,  “Tips for managing your schedule like a pro”, “Why should everyone make a career plan for a year”… Let’s face it, at least once each of has tapped stuff like this in Google.

But why not try to focus more on leisure and think about possible activities to fill all 365 days?

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New-year Magic: December Corporate Event for IT-company

Magic in all its forms. This is how we can briefly describe our December project #made_by_BTL that we prepared for a Ukrainian IT-company. Magically beautiful decor, photo zones, outfits, location … But true magic lurked not so much in the place of celebration as in people who were there, their smiles and mood.

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Winter Holidays in the West of Ukraine: 7 Magical Places

New Year is a very special and magical holiday. For some, it is an opportunity to have a mini trip and go to the most beautiful markets in the world, while for others, it is a possibility to take a break & recharge and spend time with family at home or discover uncharted corners of the country.

We decided to help you in choosing a place for New Year celebration, and collected the most interesting ideas of places to go for the winter holidays in Ukraine. Read more

Team Building in Greece or Pharmacists Who Conquered Olympus!

Understanding of the importance of the team comes with the recognition that sometimes one person is unable to achieve anything single-handedly. It is valuable to surround yourself with people who look with you in the same direction and then much, if not all, becomes possible. That is the essence of any team building – rally the team and confirm in practice the importance of the latter.

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