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Dear Sirs,

Representative office of Alcon in Ukraine has developed a successful business relation with agency “Business Travel Leisure” since the beginning of the 2012 year. The understanding of our business and requirements has enabled this company to satisfy all needs of Alcon in organizing of cycle meetings, surgical clubs, different symposiums and conferences.

Just during the first year of collaboration with agency “Business Travel Leisure” together, we organized about 7 corporate meetings and conferences with different amount of participants from 20 up to 200 persons.

We would like to thank our partner “Business Travel Leisure” for the help in organization of our events. We would like to say special “thank you” to the managers of this agency. They really have great experience in organizing of high-level meetings. The agency “Business Travel Leisure” not only provides an excellent service but people who work the rarer very pleasant deal with. We hope for further collaboration.

Olga Kostetska

Head of Alcon in Ukraine

Alpen Pharma

Alpen Pharma is glad to give recommendations to “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC and specify them as customer oriented and highly professional business travel and conference service company. Since 2009 we are BTL’s loyal and permanent contractor as, the assured themselves as reliable and pleasant-working partners. “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC is strong providing conference service as well as business trips organization. Representative of Alpen Pharma recommends “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC as Professional Team providing the business travel services.

Oksana Lukianenko

Head of Representative

Astellas Pharma Europe B.V.

Astellas Pharma Europe B.V. Representative office in Kiev cooperates with “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC since 2007. BTL provides for Astellas full range support in business trips organization including tickets reservations, hotel booking, event preparation etc. for our employees and our customers. We recognize BTL as reliable and flexible partner. BTL remains our main provider in Business Travel organization and MICE.

Krzysztof Siedlecki

Country Manager

LLC “Bayer”

LLC “Bayer” expresses its gratitude to BTL company for the assistance and organization of outbound meeting of 80 employees, which was held 14-20 September 2014.

Mytyahyn A. YU.

Deputy CEO


BTL company proved itself as a reliable partner for our collaboration. Efficiency, reliability, loyalty, punctuality – the main characteristics of BTL company, so they won annual tender in spite of the large number of competitors. In this regard, our volume of sales is constantly increasing, which contributes to the fruitful cooperation between the two companies.

Verbilenko G.V.

General Director

JSC Farmak

JSC Farmak would like to express our gratitude to the “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC company for the high level of business travel services offered and for the organization of conferences services.

We have known BTL since 2008 as reliable partner, performing the best quality out of all our previous and present partners. BTL employees are always ready for new challenges and are known as reliable and trustworthy partners. We are fully satisfied with the top level services provided by BTL. We have chosen this travel agent for its enormous experiences and highly individual approach to our company.

JSC Farmak is pleased to recommend BTL in the highest terms as the most efficient business partner in the Ukrainian market.

Filya Zhebrovska

General Director

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Ukraine

On behalf of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Ukraine I express appreciation and thanks to BTL company for the excellent organization of dealer conference 17-18 October 2013.

We would like to mention the professionalism, susceptibility to the wishes, flexibility in dealing with organizational matters during the preparation and the ability to solve tasks in the shortest possible time. We wish you prosperity and hope for further cooperation.

Yulіya Shapovalenko

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ukraine

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ukraine expresses appreciation to “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC for high-quality service and professionalism demonstrated by its employees during the conference organization. Since the beginning of our fruitful cooperation BTL has consistently maintained high standards of competence, it has been striving hard to provide the best possible service for its customers and recognized by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ukraine as one of the most trustworthy and flexible partners.

Igor Rudenko

Local Clinical Project Manager

Lactalis Ukraine

Lactalis Ukraine expresses gratitude to the “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC company for the professional level of service offered and for the help in business trip organization. Since 2009, we have known this company as a reliable partner with a high level of competence. Lactalis Ukraine has chosen “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC among all other companies for its exceptional management style and service performance. It has now become our main partner in Business Travel and MICE services.

Maksim Solovyov

Head of Financial Control

Schering-Plough CE AG

Schering-Plough Cental East AG is glad to give recommendations to “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC and specify them as customer oriented and highly professional business travel and conference service company. Since a long time we are BTL’s loyal and permanent contractors, they assured themselves as reliable and pleasant-working partners. With this in mind, we recommend BTL for any corporate travel assistance.

Daria Obruch

Travel Coordinator

Tiger Ltd

Tiger Ltd expresses its respect and thanks BTL company for the fruitful cooperation since 2012. The regular services are: air & rail tickets, accommodation both in Ukraine and abroad, visa issue assistance, organization of excursion and cultural programs. We sincerely appreciate the cooperation with BTL company and see them as a reliable contractor and an assistant in the organization of our business and leisure.

Manyakhina YE.V.

Head of the Foreign Economic Activity

VAB Bank

JSC VAB Bank expresses gratitude and appreciation to BTL for exceptional professionalism and high qualitative service provided in the area of business travel management. During our partnership BTL proved to be reliable, pleasant to work with and responsible partner. BTL continuously demonstrated themselves as a motivated, dedicated and diligent team. JSC VAB Bank proudly recommends BTL- Business Travel Leisure as one of the best corporate business travel management organizations.

Elena Ryzhova

Head of General Logistics Department

Ukraine International Airlines

We consider “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC to be one of the most successful and quickly developing companies in Ukrainian market. After 4 years of cooperation, since 2007? We have known this company and its employees as reliable and professional partners. During our partnership, the results of sales the air tickets on UIA flights were exceptionally good. We are sure that “BTL- Business Travel Leisure” LLC will continue to succeed in its developments and prosperity.

Andrii Pavlenko

Director of Sales Ukraine

Chauvin Ankerpharm GmbH

Representative office “Chauvin Ankerpharm GmbH” in Ukraine expresses its respect and gratitude to BTL. We are delighted that once again used your service for the organization of participation in the annual ophthalmic congresses. Once again, many delegates expressed their views on how they were pleasantly impressed with the organization of the trip.

Velgosh S.N.

Head of the Representative Office

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