Google I/O 2016: Meeting new ideas


Known since 2008 as Google I/O, the event has traditionally been held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, about an hour north of Google’s headquarters. In celebration of the 10th anniversary, this year organizers completely revamped the gathering—moving it to a new venue just a half mile from Google’s campus, to the Shoreline amphitheater at the Mountain View, and incorporating elements traditionally found at music festivals to infuse a convivial vibe into the highly technical program.

Grand Opening of the conference


At the entrance all welcomed by Google cute androids

Grand Opening ceremony was held in the Amphitheater. This allowed organisers to convene all of the more than 7,000 attendees in one space for the presentation led by Google C.E.O. Sundar Pichai, in contrast to past years when the main theater at Moscone Center could not accommodate everyone. The full capacity of Shoreline is 22,000.


To establish the festival vibe at the outset, every attendee received a “survival kit” upon arrival that included sunglasses, a bandana, and sunscreen. When the temperature rose on the first day, organizers purchased hand towels that they chilled on ice and then handed out to people waiting in line before sessions. On the final day, an ice cream truck arrived to dispense cool treats which came in handy at Californian heat.

Creative and economical design


Outside the amphitheater, organizers created a “festival village,” and divided the grounds into four zones and stacked shipping containers to create towers to designate each area

the bulk of the program took place in 10 fully enclosed stages—ranging from clear span structures to geodesic domes—and several open-air tents. During the day these spaces hosted highly technical sessions on topics such as virtual reality, apps, and web interfaces, and in the evening crews converted them into entertainment areas, such as an arcade with interactive video games and a virtual planetarium that used projection mapping to display the constellations on the ceiling.


One of the huge tent where the technical sessions were held

The event lasted three days. Google offered to visit a choice of one of 10 sessions, which were held simultaneously, from 9am to 6pm. Everyone could choose the sessions from the program that meet your interests, so you could plan your day, moving from tent to tent!

Breakout sessions took place in 10 fully enclosed stages around the event, with the smallest seating 100 people and the largest seating 1,200.

By reusing the spaces from day to night, and using economical decor such as recycled materials, corrugated metal, and fabrics to create a laid-back atmosphere, Matuk said they were able to host two evening events—an opening night concert from Charlie XCX and Kygo and an after-hours party the second night—for the cost of one night of entertainment last year.


During the conference, the participants were offered snacks and drinks throughout the day! In spite of the number of participants the choice was large enough.

In case someone preferred another food, Meals were served by food trucks and from kitchens that organizers built on site.

Presentation of new products


Google Self-Driving Car – is any in a range of autonomous cars, developed by Google X as part of its project to develop technology for mainly electric cars. Currently, the project implements the Google Labs X, specializing in unusual and even fantastic technologies that are to change the world.

Unlike many other self-driving vehicles robomobil created by Google  has neither a steering wheel nor pedals,. a passenger calls the destination address, push the button, and the car starts to move on a given route.

Also presented were the following trends by Google

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Google Home
  3. Google Photos
  4. Allo Messenger
  5. Duo
  6. Android N
  7. VR for Android N
  8. Android Wear 2.0
  9. Mobile Chrome
  10. Android Instant Apps


As in previous years, the Google decided to reward in the form of a conference of women and minorities, who are underrepresented in technology. Women in the I / O was 23% of 7,000+ participants. On Tuesday evening, Google held a Women Techmakers dinner for 1,000 women.

 The rich entertainment and music program

The spirit of the real music festival and show was in the air at the Google I / O 2016. Nobody remained indifferent, and all participants received memorable experience and cheerfulness for the entire year

At night, the Google I / O looked simply stunning.

<p> The first day of the conference ended with performances from Charli XCX and Kygo.</p>

The first day of the conference ended with performances by Charlie XCX and Kygo.

At night, performance artists, DJs, and colorful lighting added to the festival vibe.

Live entertainment, DJs and nightly performances added business conference feeling of lightness and freshness of the music festival. It was an effect the organizers wanted to achieve

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