Useful overview: Anna Petrova about 7 books that reshape thoughts

“Honestly, I have not read for a long time with such pleasure as in this period of life. I have a strong motivation to get new knowledge and be inspired.⠀

Here are the top 7 books that have influenced me lately:

Peter Thiel, Zero to One

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To say the truth, I didn’t read much last year, I mostly watched videos on topics I’m interested in. But there is one book that definitely broke all my personal records in the number of insights in recent years.

This book is Zero to one by Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and currently a venture capitalist.⠀

A very, in my opinion, non-standard and completely correct perspective on startups and business in general.

Peter claims that competition is bad and only distracts from business, it is better to create something completely new (technology, design, solution) or improve something that already exists more than tenfold.

Here is the key, in my opinion, quotation from the book:⠀

“Every monopoly is unique, but they usually share some combination of the following characteristics: proprietary technology, network effect, economies of scale, and branding”, Peter Thiel.

All in all, it is must read for those who want to create an outstanding business or technology.

Robin Sharma, Who Will Cry When you Die?

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The book that helped me define my own mission and understand why I came to this world. It gave answers on many of my questions. I hope, it will help you too.

Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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It’s a classis. The book about freedom, happiness, about courage to live the life you dream about.

Tony Hsieh, Delivering happiness

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Founder and CEO of Zappos. How to overcome difficulties and not give up even in the most difficult moments on the way to the billion. Thanks to Tony’s story, I believed in myself even more.

Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence

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Its idea resonated with me. I think, everyone who lives in the south of France or likes to come here will definitely appreciate this book.

Jim Collins, From Good to Great

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The book deals with the most outstanding companies, about how, in the opinion of the author, they managed to become successful and stay in the top for decades and even centuries.

A research company led by Collins analyzed long-lived companies and derived a success formula that unites all these companies. I’m sure, after reading the book you will have a lot of insights and inspiration. I did!

Sara Gottfried, Younger

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It’s about how to extend your life, filling it with energy, health and happiness, regardless of genetic predisposition and inclination and life circumstances. By the way, thanks to the book of Sarah, I determined that I have poor tolerance to alcohol and corrected its consumption.

Enjoy your reading!”

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