Where in Ukraine to learn the secrets of business tourism industry professionals

Industry of events is quite actively developing and is at the expansion stage.  Particular attention takes the category of business tourism – MICE. Abbreviation of these letters stands for Meetings-Incentives-Conferences-Events. Sometimes there is another option: Meetings-Incentives-Сongresses-Events.

In our country the MICE market is growing and becoming stronger. Thus, according to the World Travel Council Organization the amount of business tourism market in Ukraine will reach 1.427 billion dollars.  For comparison, in 2013 this index was 763 million.

The growth of the market and focus of Ukraine on the integration into the European community assumes rising of the level of service in all areas, including business tourism as well.

Latest trends show that the heads of large companies in most cases tend to conduct conceptual MICE events, instead of the standard “corporate party”. The reason for this is the desire to increase the staff motivation, exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere, impressing of partners and attracting of increased attention of the customers.

In Ukraine, of course, also held specialized exhibitions, workshops, and they are absolutely necessary for MICE-professionals visits, but again, it is not always possible to get practical skills at such events.

In some CIS countries already recognized the demand for training in this area. For example, in Russia are especially popular experimental School of Event-managers of Mikhail Knyazev. Business Tourism Association (BTA) also conducts educational sessions as part of business tourism.

In Ukraine, the training is situational. I.e. specialized MICE agencies may hold such trainings for their customers and partners. For example, a large business tourism company BTL provides “MICE guru” trainings.  The program includes reports of the components of MICE events: air, railway transportation, hotels, visa services and so on. There are also multiskilled reports: theory of MICE, specifics of the service, creativity and technology.

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